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    Our inclination towards technology has brought about drastic changes in our lifestyle and owing to that, the mode of trading operations has also witnessed a great shift. This development in the technological world has completely transformed the ways how we used to make investments in the past. Instead of testing their money in stocks, people have now shifted their focus towards investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

    This investment model is being accompanied by a lot of new traders as they see it to hold a great future for them. On the other hand, a lot of platforms are developing their own cryptos along with exchanges from where traders can buy or sell cryptos. And, that is where a digital wallet comes into the picture. It works similar to the wallet that we use in our day-to-day lives to keep our cash. In a digital wallet, we can store our cryptos. And a few wallets also allow users to interact with DeFi apps and NFTs.

    What is a Phantom wallet?

    A phantom wallet works in a similar way as a MetaMask extension does. Using a phantom wallet, you can interact with the Solana blockchain and trade or swap SOL on the go. The Phantom wallet service is available in the form of a browser extension that can be added to some major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.


    How to create a Phantom wallet?

    To set up your Phantom wallet for the first time, you need to follow the steps that are listed below:

    Now that you have created your wallet, you need to log in to it and start using your wallet for the desired purposes. So, in the section below, we shall have a look at the steps to log into a phantom wallet on your device.

    Go to the official Phantom website- https://phantom.app/

    From there, get the Phantom wallet extension downloaded to your device

    Follow the prompts to add the extension to your web browser

    Next up, you need to click on the option to create a new wallet

    Followed by this, you will be shown a secret recovery phrase

    Note down this phrase/mnemonic at a safe place

    Create your Phantom wallet login password

    Complete the remaining prompts and start using your wallet


    The detailed Phantom wallet login process

    If you are logged out of your phantom wallet and now you wish to know the method to log back into it, then you can follow the steps that are written below to complete the process of accessing your wallet:


    At first, you need to add the Phantom wallet extension to your browser

    Next up, you have to click on the extension icon on your browser's taskbar

    Followed by this, you have to select the "Use Secret Recovery phrase"

    In the available space, enter the secret recovery phrase very cautiously

    Follow the steps to log in to your wallet now


    The Phantom crypto wallet download process

    To get the Phantom wallet downloaded on your device, you need to follow these steps one by one and get the software wallet installed on your device:


    At first, visit the URL https://phantom.app/download

    Now, from the given page, select your browser type

    Followed by this, complete the remaining steps to add the wallet

    If you are a new user, click on the option to create a new wallet


    Can I download a phantom app?


    Since the Phantom wallet is only available in the form of a browser extension, therefore you can undergo the phantom app download process. To use the Phantom wallet, all you can do is install the Phantom browser extension on your device and then go ahead with setting up your wallet.


    Download phantom extension for Chrome


    Form your Chrome browser, you need to go to the https://phantom.app/download website and click on the option that is labeled as "Add to Chrome". On the page, you are redirected to click on the "Add to Chrome" option one more time and then select the "Add extension" option to confirm that you are ready to install the wallet software on your device.


    How do I download Phantom wallet extension for Firefox?


    To begin the procedure, you need to go ahead with opening the official website of Phantom wallet and follow the steps listed below:


    To initiate the process, go to https://phantom.app/

    Make sure that you are visiting this website from your Firefox browser

    On the main screen of phantom wallet, click on the option to install the wallet

    Complete the remaining steps accordingly as they appear on your screen


    Conclusion: The comprehensive post above has been created to help users with getting started to use the Phantom wallet for the first time. After referring to this, you will eventually get to know how easy it is to use this wallet for interacting with the Solana blockchain. Setting up and logging in to this wallet will let you trade through the DeFi apps and NFTs.